The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte is situated in the city of Natal, in the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The UFRN  is a governmental university which has as the main purpose to perform teaching (Graduate and Postgraduate), research and extension activities and it was founded in 1958. The UFRN has as mission educate, produce and disseminate universal knowledge, contribute to human development, always having a commitment to social justice, democracy, and citizenship.

The UFRN offers a large range of undergraduate and graduate programs, being more than 200 professional qualification opportunities. Its academic community is made up of more than 43,000 students and approximately 5,500 servers, including administrative technicians and professors. With the purpose of maintaining positive communication with its internal community and with the public in general, the University has a TV Station and the UFRN Web Portal.

In addition to the several classes, laboratories and libraries, the infrastructure of the main Campus includes the Rectory Building, where works the Rector’s Office, the Pro-Rectorates and all sectors of the Central Administration. Besides, a Coexistence Center with restaurant, bank agencies, bookstores, art gallery, snack bars, pharmacy and post office. On the central campus you will also find the Civic Square, which is a large outdoor amphitheater, where great shows also take place, the university chapel and the National Institute of Spatial Researches.